Monthly Archives: March 2012

The kids who make my job fun

Every week, I look forward to teaching Class 18 on Friday morning.  They are bright, happy, and eager to learn, and we always have a blast.  They are always excited to practice their English and experiment with the dialogues that I give them to practice, and I’m always a bit sad when the bell rings and class is over.  You know you have an exceptional class when they all groan when the bell rings, because they also don’t want class to be over.  In other classes, kids immediately start rustling around and getting ready to jump out of their seats when the bell rings (let’s be honest, I probably would have been the same way), and if I go a minute over to finish something, they start whining and telling me “class over!  class over!”  Either my lesson is boring, or they’re just really eager to run around and go crazy for the 10 minute break between classes.  I hope it’s the latter.  Anyway, here are a few pictures from Class 18 yesterday, in which we learned about ordering food in a restaurant, and Antoine showed off his new invention–tubing manipulated to look like glasses, through which he drinks a bottle of juice.  Oh man, this kid makes me laugh.